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About Me

My Background


As an army brat my childhood spanned three continents starting in Germany, then Turkey, and ultimately the U.S.  Since then I have had a profound interest in the world around me.  Growing up in an interracial/inter-religious household with African-American and Turkish-Kurdish roots honed this interest specifically to issues facing minorities, equality, democracy, and the rule of law.

My Experience


My academic journey started off with my undergraduate studies at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service where I obtained my B.S. in International Politics with a minor in Foreign Policy and Policy Processes.  I then acquired my J.D. at The Catholic University's Columbus School of Law.  During law school I also completed my certificate in Comparative and International Law.  I decided to expand on this legal specialization by most recently completing my L.L.M. in Public International Law at Koç Unıversity in Istanbul, Turkey.

My Skillset


I grew up bilingual and therefore speak Turkish and English fluently.  I have also participated in numerous study abroad programs (both privately and publicly sponsored) in Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, and Japan.  Along with my Public Law LLM thesis research which centered on international human rights law and minority rights, I have over 8 years of private law firm experience both in the U.S. and Turkey.

Sohbet: Opinions/Analysis on International Law and Politics

"Sohbet" in Turkish literally translates to "conversation", "talk", or "chat".  Yet, it has a deeper and more historical context as the social practice of community conversations.  These conversations essentially acted as town hall meetings with everyone having input regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or status.  These traditional Sohbet meetings are now included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.  In this spirit, I strive for "Sohbet" to be a similar forum.

UN Human Rights Case Reporting Highlights and Updates


I am currently a Senior Oxford Human Rights Case Reporter for Koç University's Center for Global Public Law (CPGL) (link to their website is on the top and bottom page of my site).  During my time with the Center I have reported on over 15 cases/communications ranging from the CCPR, CERD, and CAT committees.        The Center also published an article of mine (my first blog post on this site) in their blog, which can be accessed through this link:

I also had the privilege of co-authoring my article with Prof. Robert Jager from Matej Bel University in Slovakia ( who was able to publish the article in an academic journal (Stat a pravo 3, Rocnik 04, 2017)

List of Published Case Reports

Below is a list of case reports that I have authored and that have been submitted to Oxford University Press.  They can be accessed through the OPIL website: (links can also be found at the top and bottom of my page)

o Pavel Kozlov et al. v. Belarus, UN Doc CCPR C/113/D/1949/2010; IHRL[ ](UNHRC 2015); 25 March 2015

o B and C v. Czech Republic, UN Doc CCPR/C/113/D/1967/2010; IHRL[ ](UNHRC 2015); 2 April 2015

o M.G. v. Poland, UN Doc CCPR/C/114/D/2183/2012; IHRL[ ](UNHRC 2015); 23 July 2015

o Franck Kitenge Baruani v. Democratic Republic of Congo, UN Doc CCPR/C/110/D/1890/2009; IHRL[ ](UNHRC 2015); 27 March 2014

o N.D.M. v. Democratic Republic of Congo, UN Doc CCPR C/113/D/1971/2010; IHRL[ ](UNHRC 2015); 30 March 2015

o M.M. v Russian Federation, UN Doc CERD/C/87/D/55/2014; CERD[ ](UNCERD 2015); 7 August 2015

Upcoming Projects/Goals

There are currently 9 pending case reports that are awaiting final review by the Koç Editing Team before being sent to Oxford which hopefully means my list of published case reports will exponentially increase soon.

My current project includes a list of 12 CAT cases arising from Canada.  I plan to report on these cases and potentially write an article on this particular string.

Meddah: A U.S.-Turkey Storytelling Project

Please follow and stay tuned for my upcoming blog post that will be featured on the Turkish Heritage Organization's (THO) new blog Meddah.  A short bio of me is already published in their June 19th (second line below) post since I will be participating in their upcoming summer research program.  Below are the other initial posts from the blog site. 

Notable Documents

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